Services within Helmholtz Data Federation

FEderated User credential DEployment PortaL (FEUDAL)

FEUDAL is a system to reliably deploy local accounts on remote, federated sytems. FEUDAL enables users to upload SSH public keys.

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HDF Cloud Juelich

HDF Cloud at JSC comprises Openstack compute, network, and volume services as well as an integration with the DATA file system also available on the HPC systems.

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KIT OpenStack Test Service

The OpenStack service at KIT provides Virtual Machines and Docker Containers for technology evaluation and integration testing.

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Oidc ProvidEr featUre Support

The service OrPhEUS or the OIDC ProvidEr featUre Support portal is a system to compare different OpenID Connect providers and check which functionality is supported by the different providers. It can also be used to perform certain OIDC flows and check the output of theses flows.

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WebDAV endpoint

dCacheView (GUI)

Prometheus is a test dCache storage service, for storing and retrieving scientific data. It allows users to verify dCache works for their use-cases and to explore dCache advanced features, including those features not yet available in production environments. The service is rebuilt daily, with any uploaded data being lost during that process.

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The service WaTTS is a Token Translation Service (TTS) that provides a layer where identities, enrollment, group membership and other attributes and authorization policies on distributed resources can be managed in an homogeneous way.

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